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  • Buy your assets. Cash is king, protect yours!

Buy your assets. Cash is king, protect yours!

Money to Burn? Then buy your assets. Cash is king, protect yours!

The struggle many businesses face is the choice between owning their very own truck and renting a vehicle from an external company.

Now whilst many businesses do choose to purchase a vehicle for their fleet seeing this as a one off payment, many do not take into consideration the ongoing costs of maintenance, road side assistance, and the effect of seasonal down time.


Here are some of the reasons why many businesses choose to rent/lease their trucks rather than purchase.         

 1)      Mitigating risk

By using rental companies to lease trucks and trailers for your business, this means that you don’t have to pay a huge sum of money upfront giving you the ability to manage your cash flow; this also means that your capital won’t be tied up in assets. Thus leaving your business with capital available, ensuring that your company has the capacity to deal with a fluctuating economy, without having to take the time to liquidate your assets. By using a rental service this also means that you don’t have to deal with factors like depreciation when pricing your fleet.


2)      Tackling your fleets down time

As we all know time is money, and in order to manage your time effectively making sure that your fleet’s down time is minimised is crucial. By renting a vehicle from an external company this gives you the opportunity to do so, not only by taking advantage of rental companies rigorous maintenance, thus reducing the risk of break downs, but by utilising services such as replacement vehicle coverage and road side assistance. This ensures that even if your vehicle does break down you can be offered a replacement vehicle to ensure that you remain on the road.


3)      Flexibility

The unpredictability of business is a challenge that all organisations face. Many companies miss out on new business because they do not have the capacity to take advantage of an increase in demand. This is another way businesses benefit, by using a rental company you have the option to create a rental plan that is fitted specifically to your business. You have the ability to take advantage of seasonal demand without it leading to a fleet of unused trucks.  By talking to a team of people that are happy to create a plan tailored to your needs you will have the ability to meet the demands of your customers. 


4)      Taking the hassle away from fleet management

When working closely with your external rental service it will become clear that these organisations help to reduce the amount of work you have to do, giving you more time to manage your business. Companies like Dawsonrentals will help ensure your truck is fit for the road by completing regular maintenance checks making sure your vehicle is up to a high standard. They will also help reduce the amount of paperwork by using an engineering portal showing your fleet status ensuring a paperless trail for compliance.


To find out more on how you could benefit from the services that rental companies offer, why not call our team of specialists on 01908 218888 or email us at contactus@dawsongroup.co.uk



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