CPC Driver Training

cpc driver trainingThe Introduction of the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence in September 2009 now means that Drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes must undertake 35 hours of training every 5 years in order to qualify for their Driver Qualification Card (DQC).

This means that as of September 2014, drivers MUST have had their DQC in place in order to continue driving. 

Failure to comply is not an option and could lead to fines of up to £1000, expensive down time, and a loss of reputation.

The good news is that, in association with Mercedes Benz, Dawsongroup is now able to offer very competitive training modules to keep you above board and legal. 

Each module is 7 hours long meaning that after initial qualification you will only need to fulfil x1 day of training per year to keep the entitlement rolling on. 

The Modules:

1. The Professional Driver-Classroom CPC course to understand the importance of the professional driver

Course Content

  • Ergonomics
  • Health and Fitness
  • Behaviour in an emergency situation
  • Personal attitude/roles in the working environment
  • Industrial accidents
  • The transportation of goods by road


2. Truck Technology-Classroom based CPC course to provide an understanding of the basics of truck technology.

Course Content

  • Introductory video
  • Engines
  • Exhaust and after treatment
  • Transmission and Gearshift systems
  • Brake Systems
  • Wear Free Brakes
  • Daily Vehicle Walk round - Drivers daily checks
  • Cruise control and limiter functions
  • Digital tachograph Basics
  • Safety Systems


3. The Drivers Day Legal & Social - Classroom based CPC course looking largely at driver hours laws

Course Content

  • Legal and Social Legislation
  • Basic Driver Qualifications
  • Social Chapter
  • Social Legislation
  • The required documentation
  • Tachograph and driving and rest periods
  • Crime and smuggling
  • Industrial safety


4. Load Securing-Classroom & practical CPC course to provide an understanding of the driver's responsibilities in relation to load securing.

Course Content

  • Legal overview
  • The fundamentals of physics
  • Practical calculations in relation to load forces
  • Load securing tools and their operation
  • Types of load safety
  • Types of packing
  • Load types
  • Practical load security exercises


5. Economical Driving-Mostly incab based CPC course to provide an understanding of the principles of economical and defensive driving.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Factory video
  • Seven point vehicle check
  • Demonstration Drive
  • Extended Practical Drives


6. Road Risk & Road Safety-Classroom based CPC courses to expand on a driver's knowledge of road risk/safety.

Course Content:

  • How to check your CPC hours
  • Back to basics understanding the Highway code
  • Tyres - Daily checks
  • Accident Statistics
  • Defect Report
  • Safety aids and safety systems


 7. Professional Municipal Driver- Classroom based CPC course to give drivers a full understanding of the responsibilities in regard to the professional image of their company and the understanding of health and fitness for the professional driver.

 Course Content:

  • Introductory Video
  • Drivers Role
  • Vehicle Transportation
  • Corporate Image
  • Accidents / Emergency Equipment
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Correct Seating Position
  • Communication

Please Contact us for prices & availability

David Shakespeare - Driver Training & Development Manager 07711346585 contactus@dawsongroup.co.uk

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