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  • The future of zero-emission transport refrigeration

The future of zero-emission transport refrigeration

Our tour with Dearman around Germany is now over!

 Zero emissions tour around Germany

The visit was to raise awareness about alternatives to diesel use as German cities look to tackle air pollution. The European Environment Agency has said that fine particles emitted by diesel exhausts as well as nitrogen oxide can cause 10,000 deaths in Germany each year, confirming the importance of this trip.

The truck demonstrates the future of zero emission transport refrigeration.The innovative Dearman engine runs on liquid nitrogen and is used to produce zero emission, low carbon cold and power for a range of applications in transport, logistics and the built environment.  A conventional transport refrigeration unit (TRU) powered by a secondary diesel engine can emit up to six times as much nitrogen oxide (NOx) and almost 30 times as much particulate matter (PM) as a Euro 6 heavy goods vehicle engine.

Our very own Dave Shakespeare toured Germany with the truck equipped with a zero emission TRU, visiting potential customers in Cologne, Neumünster, Herten, Hann, and Speyer. 

Contact us to find out more on 01908 218111 or email contactus@dawsongroup.co.uk

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